HELLO WORLD! I wish I could upload my own .html/css files to Squarespace and you could see this blog the way I would make it myself? Plus then I could practice my meager coding skills? But mostly because I have a rly cool advice page that I made as a folder full of html & css pages and I wanna show it off on my site. Oh well. If you're a coder and you understand Squarespace custom code injection black magic better than I do, let me know how to do that, would ya?

In the meantime, hi I'm blogging!! Literally I have already exhausted myself from that first paragraph and I am considering getting up for a snack.

But no, I will press on. I am starting a blog because I like to write, and I like to make things, and I don't often know what to do with the things that I make, so it seemed useful to give them a sub-purpose as blog fodder, and get back into the ol' writing saddle at the same time. Multi-tasking! It is a thing that I like, apparently. Actually- NO. Multi-tasking is, in reality, something I find counterproductive because it splits my attention and I perform both tasks half as well. What I like is multipurposing, or things with dual-/multi-function. Recently I heard minimalism described this way, as it pertains to design. I can't remember who the quote was attributed to, Dieter something? but it was quoted in an interview I listened to with designer Kate Arends, and basically the idea is that design is best when something is the LEAST 'designed,' and that the amount of design should be economical and always for a purpose. She was also relating this back to lifestyle, and explaining minimalism as being a rather messy, arduous process (at first) of stripping down to essentials and cutting the fat- as opposed to the sleek, white-walled design aesthetic that we have come to associate it with. I liked that.

I desperately want to find my own minimalism, right now, because I recently had to shove my entire art studio into my tiny apartment with me and all my laundry (so much laundry), and I feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the STUFF in my life. So I'm trying to whittle it down, but it's much harder than I imagined it would be. My studio was basically a three-year accumulation of UFO's (un finished objects) (heh) that I made throughout grad school, but with a bunch of useful materials mixed in as well, and its a total mindfuck to try and figure out what to give up on, what to repurpose, and what to trash. HELP!

Today I came home to a large flat envelope propped against my front door, with huge bold letters across the front warning me to NOT FOLD DO NOT FOLD. I was hugely relieved that I was not, in fact, getting served, just being served my diploma!! Thanks Florida State! Thanks for the gold leaf and for the fancy envelope and for the degree! Then I put it back in the envelope and opened the door to the pit of what my life has become since graduation, and I was like, thanks, Florida State. --____--



But I fully expect things to get better soon- I am moving into a new art studio on July 11, and I have it for FREE for SIX MONTHS! Bc I am such a good and pretty artist. It's in Raleigh, NC, at a place called Artspace, where I will be a Regional Emerging Artist-in-Residence, which is highly cool and nice of them to call me that. I'm also moving to Raleigh, duh, so that I can use this studio, and I just got a job as a prop artisan for a theater company at UNC Chapel Hill. Playmakers Repertory! Making sets and props and stuff! They have an industrial sewing machine and a serger, and I'm going to be taking graduate classes in pattern drafting and draping, so keep watch for my upcoming couture collection. SERIOUSLY!

Ok, that is enough about me, because I wanted a snack like forever ago and now I'm full on hungry. I have lots of papers to grade for my online class, too, (oh yes, I am a professor now btw. sorta. Instructor of Record. same thing.) so I must sit in front of my screen for a while and either do it, or contemplate doing it, while browsing Netflix. Goodnight.